3 Recent Screenplays

“Shine, Baby, Shine” (Drama Short)
“They Took the Pigs!” (LGBTQ+ Sci-Fi Short)
The DenRux Dimension (Sci-Fi TV Pilot)

Hey there, here is an update on my recent work. I have been writing quite a lot and am thankful for the recognitions received this past year. In June 2021, I returned to writing short screenplays after thousands of hours slaving over feature film scripts.

First came “Shine, Baby, Shine” which is in pre-production to shoot later this year with myself directing and starring. This contained drama is about a young man with trust issues who moves in with two women and learns to reconnect. Suicidal thoughts, LGBTQ+ struggles, and the Biblical mistranslation in 1946 that caused the church to unnecessarily shun an entire community are addressed in this quirky drama. Fundraising begins soon and donations are greatly appreciated.

Second came “They Took the Pigs!” which is being described as Brokeback Mountain with aliens. This love story partially based on real events has an added sci-fi twist. Feedback from festivals and contests has been encouraging with one reviewer stating:

“Taylor knows the art of character-based dialogue. It’s exciting and wonderful.”

From euphemisms at the hardware store to sex noises in trees, “They Took the Pigs!” is an offbeat love story taking place on a pig farm. Another reviewer described the 14-page screenplay as:

“Comedy slash sci-fi slash romance? – who the hell cares… the blending of different genre cues in a short wicked run time is a real page-turning explosion.”

Next came The DenRux Dimension, a story that incubated for years. A big, personal sci-fi about a young man in the future caring for his special needs uncle and ailing grandma. The logline is: “Racing against the clock of his grandma’s declining health, Steven works to repurpose an interdimensional gaming portal into a healing machine.”

Hundreds of pages of notes and hours of voice notes over the last five years led to the Pilot episode flowing out all in one night. The rest of the seasons are all planned out with my first feature film script — Legendary Z (2019) — closing the series. Responses to the Pilot script for The DenRux Dimension have been kind:

“The family element is incredibly well done. Particularly the treatment of Down syndrome feels appropriate and refreshing, and kind.”

The quote above from “The Golden Script Competition” refers to my Uncle Steve, who is portrayed in the series as Uncle Jay (and whom I named the protagonist after). Two of the main characters are based on my real life grandma and uncle. Every morning before school, Uncle Steve danced to children’s songs like “Itsy Bitsy Spider.” A wonderful, beautiful soul in the body of a man with Downs syndrome and autism. I wrote the script as their health was failing and both died shortly after.

Me with Uncle Steve and Grandma (2017)

The TV Pilot script has now been rewritten based on notes — thank you, Gabe Torres — but here are some more quotes from festivals based on the first draft:

“The character of Steven is incredibly likable, with clear motivations and honourable intentions. The reason we buy why he does what he does is because of the interesting characters of Uncle Jay and his grandma, who are accepting and sweet, and we feel a strong sense of injustice in their situation.”

“This project has a clear sense of style, which feels fresh and gripping.”

“High scores for Marketplace potential. This appears to be a piece that any of the major SVOD providers might want to produce or purchase. It has elements of Ready Player One, The Matrix et al. Steven’s moving back and forth between reality and this alternate world has thematic implications with technological movements on the horizon: human/cyborg augmentation, the Singularity, etc.”

I am extremely thankful for the responses to my recent work. Recognitions in the header image were received for the three aforementioned screenplays, “Shine, Baby, Shine”, “They Took the Pigs!”, and The DenRux Dimension. If you’d like to support “Shine, Baby, Shine” as it enters production later this year, please reach out via email or watch for fundraising in the near future.

Thank you for reading and come back soon! I appreciate you.


Descriptions of my three recent screenplays "Shine, Baby, Shine", "They Took the Pigs!", and The DenRux Dimension.