Soul Bloom

And it was there,
screaming in the frigid fog,
that my soul bloomed.

These words come from my Infinity Journal. I recently posted them as my first prompt on and so far 119 people from around the world have recorded themselves speaking these words. Some of my favorites are below:

And “Just For Fun, a Leprechaun” haha —

My poem “High Regard” also comes from the 2016 Infinity Journal

Inside the back cover of the Infinity Journal (pictured above), the following note-to-self is written in the bottom right corner —

Stop trying to get “there.” Stop trying to arrive. “There” will always seem just as far away as it does now. That’s because there is no “there.” Live. Be present. Experience life as it unfolds beautifully within you.

Thank you for visiting. Come back soon.


One thought on “Soul Bloom

  1. it was nice to hear the warm kind voice of such an incredible talent. Really enjoyed it Thanks for sharing Mr Taylor

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